The Carnegie has done it again! This is the third year I have had the privilege of capturing The Carnegie's collaboration with the Kentucky Symphony Orchestra. The past few shows have been wonderful ( The King and I ,  Camelot) and The Sound of Music is keeping the tradition going strong. 

I loved seeing the musicians onstage. Sometimes it is easy to forget they are there during a musical. It seems as if the music just gloriously appears out of nowhere - perfectly scoring the actor. Since I am lucky enough to count several musicians as friends, I know how many hours of work go into honing their craft and I love letting these musicians have a moment in the spotlight for a change. 

As for the musical part of the show, it is  "lightly staged" . This really gets to the heart of The Sound of Music. All the extra flash is stripped away, allowing the viewer to experience the songs along with the actors. This also speaks to the strength of the talent onstage. They don't need big set changes and choreography  - this cast has the chops to bring you along on the journey without all that. 

You know that saying "There are no small parts, only small actors"?  Well,  that doesn't work for this show. Every actor on the stage has star quality. All of these  big talents filled the stage no matter how small their time was on it. Fantastic ensemble all around. 

The Sound of Music at the Carnegie is a wonder to see and a joy to hear. You have one more weekend to see it, so I recommend that you get over to The Carnegie's website and get your tickets now. 


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